Alaska School Faces Closure-Needs 5 More Students

iStock_000013497872SmallClassroom overcrowding isn’t an issue for some schools in Alaska.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that school board members in Tenakee Springs, Alaska are trying to get people to move to town to keep the school in the area from closing; a hard task when most residents are looking to move elsewhere for their children’s education.

The school needs 10 students in order to be considered a school under a state law and currently only has five students.

The small community of 50 to 100 people (based on the time of year) is located on Chichagof Island, about 50 miles north of Sitka and is only accessible by boat or plane.

The remote location makes commuting to other schools nearly impossible.

The regional school board will likely decide in early August whether the school will remain open.

If history repeats itself, the school will remain open, as twice in the last 20 years the student population has fallen to the point the district had to consider closing.

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